An Open Letter To My Twin Daughters

Dear Ada and Ava,

You are both the blessing that rocked me to my very core. The answer to our prayers and the miracle of our lives.

As I write this, the world is adapting to the new normal due to the global pandemic. Businesses have closed down, millions of people lost their jobs and the air is filled with uncertainty. It might seem like we are headed to a life of hardships and challenges but I need you both to be strong.

Be happy. Celebrate the successes of the other and become the support needed when one is feeling down from failure. Do not envy achievements and instead turn those into inspiration to do better. Draw strength from each other and lift each other up in times of need. Do the same to people around you, especially those whom you do not know but needs it the most.

Do good. The world is already unforgiving so be kind and be the reason for someone to restore their faith in humanity. Do not look unto your neighbor and compare what you have with what they have to gain a sense of achievement or fulfillment. If you must look unto your neighbor, it is with the intention to check if they have enough and if they need help. As you interact with different kinds of personalities, always remember that there is nothing wrong with being polite but being right does not excuse you from being rude.

Become your own person. Despite being twins, it is perfectly okay to be different from each other. Life is too short to be wasting time in trying to be someone you are not. Instead, allot time to fine tune your moral compass so that it always points to what is right despite pressure from others. Do what you feel is right and keep a clear conscience. Avoid the immoral, illegal, obscene, and offensive.

Explore the world with your big brown eyes wide-open filled with awe and wonder. Open your arms and be ready to accept what comes next knowing that you will overcome whatever challenges life throws at you. Go out onto the world and enjoy every moment. Find your passion, let your imagination fly, stick your head in the clouds but keep your feet firmly grounded.

I need you to do better and reach further than I ever did. But don’t count me out just yet, I’m not done chasing my goals and dreams. I still have the burning desire to raise the bar higher and carve my own path. I hope to be a good example to both of you and maybe someday you’ll think of me when the topic of the conversation among your peers turns to concepts such as integrity, loyalty, respect and excellence in the same manner that I think about your Lolo and Lola in the same light.


P.S. I love you both – in this life and the next.