A few items bought at Amazon


A couple of weeks ago after ordering my new laptop, I went online and bought a few items from Amazon. One was for the new laptop which is a wireless mouse from Logitech and the other was a Nike+ Ipod sensor for my “planned” jogging workouts.  x_x

Ordering was smooth as long as you have a US address as the shipping address. My order was placed on 18 APR and the goodies arrived at Oregon 21 APR. 😀 It was in good condition and Amazon kept on sending emails as to where my order is at.

Nike+ Ipod Sensor for US$19.00


Logitech Performance Mouse MX for US$85.61


What’s interesting is that this mouse from Logitech uses a technology which they called Darkfield Laser Tracking (OMG! Lazer! Pew! Pew!) that enables it to be usable even on glass surfaces. Another wonderful technology that came with the mouse was the “connect-and-forget” Unifying Receiver that is so small, you can forget about it after connecting it on a USB port.  🙂

Logitech Unifying Receiver. The orange sign means Unifying-compatible.


What’s also great about this receiver is it’s ability to unify your Unifying-compatible Logitech products. It basically means that you can have up to six different wireless gadgets but use up only one USB port. As of press time, the only Unifying-compatible products are composed of wireless mice, wireless keyboards and wireless notebook kit. Hopefully, Logitech will add more products in the future.  😉

Logitech Unifying Receiver compared to a standard sized USB connector.


I have yet to try to have gadgets bought online delivered directly here in the Philippines as most of the time, Amazon does not ship electronic gadgets to this country. They can and will deliver books and CDs/DVDs but from what I witnessed from an officemate, it still passes though the Bureau of Customs which requires a lot of effort and is often times subjected to absurd taxes.  :((


Some friends have recommended the likes of Johnny Air Cargo but I have yet to have the courage (and a huge amount of cash lying around) to put at risk just to try their services when buying electronic gadgets online. Hopefully I will have both soon enough.  ;))