Stocks and Patience

Ever since I opened an account with an online stock broker, I quickly used up almost all of the funds that I deposited for buying stocks of other companies. I bought a few shares from a telecom giant, a couple of hundred from holding companies, a popular real estate company and a few thousand shares from a property development group.

Daily Monitoring

I monitored the stock market on a daily basis for the last week and found that I didn’t move as much as believed it would. The market fluctuated daily and even in the span of three hours – at which the market is open for trading – the fluctuations are not as big as I’ve hoped. Although the fluctuations are not of leaps and bounds, I’ve lost a couple of thousand pesos without doing anything on the first two days. On the third day, the losses ballooned to almost 10% of my initial investment. I thought that it was already on a downward trend and that the losses would soon snowball on me and eventually take my investments away.

I was caught in a dilemma. Either I cut my losses and sell the stocks now or hold on and hope for the best. I was told by my friends to hang on and that patience is a virtue. To sell the stocks now would actually be an acceptance that the investment that I had so much hope in, was gone. I listened to their advices and slept on it – hoping that the stocks that I bought will be performing better the next day.

Better Day

On the fourth day, the losses were down to 8% and on the fifth day to 5%. Over the weekend, I tried not to think about it so much because I might jinx it on the opening day of this week (heh). Last Monday was the starting day when I saw the stocks play between 3.3% and 4% until today. Last Monday was the day when I realized that investing on the stock market is not just about the money.


Its more about that darn patience that you need.

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